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INVITATION to Stand with Refugees Event, Quest Church, Seattle, WA - June 16

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Since August 2017, over six hundred thousand Rohingya fled Myanmar.

They have been killed, tortured, assaulted, and humiliated, solely because of who they are. They now reside in a corner of southeastern Bangladesh near Cox's Bazar in makeshift tents and structures, perched on hillsides. They have little hope of returning home, and their situation in the refugee settlement is precarious - especially for women and children.

​​As of February, the Jamtoli camp alone was home to 48,700 refugees. 
Jamtoli is just one part of a camp sprawling across the countryside. Because of the sudden nature of this crisis, settlements were constructed almost overnight. Trees were cut down to clear space. Bamboo and other locally available materials were used to put together makeshift shelters; these shelters were made to be temporary and are not safe for cooking of households’ daily meals.

Additionally, the Jamtoli camp is classified as one of the most disaster-prone areas due to harsh and erratic environmental degradation, deterioration of natural resources, limited access to services, and difficulty to source resources for daily energy and cooking needs. Nearly every person living in the Jamtoli camp is struggling to find fuel to cook and are resorting to continued deforestation.

Many Rohingya refugee households are also female-headed.
Female and elderly-headed households with no male relatives exhibit greater vulnerability than those with adult males. Having fled extreme circumstances, these households are not only traumatized by the loss of loved ones, but also the loss of their assets, livelihoods and all forms of financial security.

Rohingya women face several difficulties in preparing and cooking their households’ daily meals. They cannot go far outside of their makeshift homes to collect firewood and cook meals due to their cultural and religious beliefs. They are also deprived of social interaction because of a lack of safe spaces for them to be together.

Campaign Details

The goal for this campaign is to raise $50,000.

This amount will be matched 1:1 by One Day's Wages, resulting in $100,000.

This capital is enough to build 10 community kitchens - enough for 1,250 people - and provide cooking stoves to an additional 225 Rohingya refugee families!

10 equipped community kitchens will provide 250 families...

  • spices and oil for cooking of daily meals
  • nutrition as well as hygiene and sanitation sessions
  • a safe space for women to be together and to support each other

To complement the community kitchens, World Renew plans to provide individual stoves to 225 households, and will offer health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene sensitization sessions to 500 households.



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