After World War I, the provinces of Lebanon were mandated to France. Lebanon gained independence in 1943 and established a unique political system of power-sharing between religious communities.

From 1975 until the early 1990s Lebanon endured a civil war in which regional players, specifically Israel, Syria and the Palestine Liberation Organization; used the country as a battleground for their own conflicts.

After the civil war and until July 2006, Lebanon was stable, and post-civil war reconstruction was nearly complete. However, the month-long war in 2006 severely damaged Lebanon's still recovering economy. Lebanon managed to rebuild infrastructure in the real estate and tourism sectors.

Since the Syrian civil war began in March 2011, hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria have been pouring into neighbouring countries including Turkey, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan and Lebanon.

While World Renew does not have a presence in Lebanon, it has partnered with the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development also known as the Lebanese Baptist Society. Their mission is to serve the Church in Lebanon and the Arab World through spiritual, social and educational development. World Renew is working with LSESD to respond to the needs of Syrian refugees with direct food assistance as well as food vouchers to stimulate the local economy.

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