Together, male and female, single and married, young and old...
we are called to represent God, for the Lord God made us all.

Our World Belongs to God


Join our Change 100 Campaign!

Through World Renew's Free A Family program, equality between women and men, boys and girls is developed on a daily basis.

God ordained women and men as equal partners in all spheres of life. When women and girls, men and boys are free and encouraged to use their gifts and to fulfill their God-given potential, communities can truly flourish. Where equality and respect do not exist, domestic violence, sexual abuse, honor killings, trafficking for sex and labour, victimization of widows and single mothers, female genital mutilation, childhood marriage, and unequal pay for the same work occur.

World Renew and its partners address the barriers (including inequality) that prevent women and girls from flourishing in nearly 1500 communities worldwide.

Let's make it possible for 100 more mothers - like Florence Agabo in Uganda - to change their stories themselves.

All month long, follow us here and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to celebrate and support the women and girls who are changing their stories from despair to hope, from poverty to abundance, from disempowerment to empowerment.

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