World Renew is working in Kaberamaido through Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Kabale. Activities include:

  • HIV/AIDS Program with a focus on HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support
  • Agriculture and food security with emphasis on promotion of conservation agriculture
  • Church and Community Mobilization using the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP) methodology
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program (focus on Psychosocial Care and support)
  • Livelihoods program - mobilization of communities and promotion of Village Saving Loan (VSL)


Meet Catherine Anaso

Catherine lives in a fishing village; she is a member of the Oriam Can Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA). Oriam Can literally means “chase away poverty” and is one of the 19 VSLA groups that have been established. 350 households are a part of this project! Catherine is stepping forward with new HIV and AIDS awareness and conservation agriculture methods.
Meet Peter Ongem. Peter is a fisherman, a farmer, and a father.
Peter lives beside Lake Kyoga, where HIV and AIDS has been an issue in the villages. World Renew is sensitizing the fishermen to HIV and AIDS through their partner Kaberamaido Mission Development Program.
By establishing health champions in the villages and creating men’s, women’s, boys and girls groups, messaging about lifestyle choices and HIV prevention is making a big difference in the outlook for the families here. These health groups are now morphing into savings groups too. Peter’s group will begin their savings this year.
HIV and AIDS sensitization also occurs through a semi-annual boat race on the lake. The race attracts villagers from near and far.
Both women and men participate in the race--in a women’s race and a men’s race. This time Peter also competes, to the delight of all watching.
Peter himself has decided to remain faithful to his wife. This will protect her from HIV and will also ensure that she and their children will be supported and cared for.

World Renew’s community development process brings about full participation to identify and work through the community's challenges. 

World Renew supports communities so that they can achieve enough foodgood healthfruitful work...

At the same time, our staff and partners work towards change at the deepest human level – at the level of a community’s vision, values, habits and worldview. This kind of change, though not always visible on the surface, is what is needed to sustain the progress they have made and help them truly flourish as God’s handiwork.

In such communities:

  • People gather to shape their future together

  • People work together on community projects that improve the quality of life of all members of the community

  • Everyone’s gifts and talents are welcomed and put to use

  • Leaders are identified, developed, and affirmed

  • On-going learning leads to awareness, understanding, and improved lives

  • Justice prevails and laws protect

  • Civic life is active

  • Mercy is generous and flowing

  • Christians work alongside other members of the community to achieve change, instilling all they do with biblical values and faith