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You may be picking out Christmas gifts with your grandkids, helping school-aged children to choose ways to donate their offerings, or honoring someone special with a gift to World Renew. As you do, you build relationships with your friends and loved ones over shared concerns like poverty, hunger, and justice.


The help that World Renew provides to people who live in poverty through the gifts you give is practical and appropriate. Our approach is based on sound biblical principles, is efficient and effective, and is shaped by what people who live in poverty tell us about their needs and resources. That approach is why our programs work in some of the poorest communities on earth.


Your support for World Renew is powerful—and it’s God’s power. He has overcome sin and death through Jesus Christ and is reconciling all things to Himself. God graciously includes us in this ongoing mission of reconciliation and in response to His grace and mercy, we offer Him the sacrifice of praise.
Hebrews 13:16 says that a life of gratitude to God includes doing good in this world. When you share with others through World Renew, you can be sure that your gifts are addressing some of this world’s most challenging issues in God-honoring and people-honoring ways. Doing acts of goodness through World Renew helps move people who live with scarcity and oppression towards the fullness that God intends.
IMPORTANT: To give through the online Gift Catalog you will be required to create an account*. This is so that we can immediately send you an electronic charitable tax receipt for your gift. Please be sure to print out your charitable tax receipt and save it for your records.
*Note: The Gift Catalog is supported by a new platform, apart from what supports the online giving throughout the rest of our site, so you are required to register yourself anew to give through the Gift Catalog.


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