Isn't it amazing that God would send his Son to die on our behalf? Out of gratitude for this incredible gift and inspired by God's own deep passion for justice and mercy, World Renew works in some of the world's most difficult places to help people overcome disaster, fight injustice, and renew their hope for a better future.

Your support is critical to this ministry. As you peruse this Catalog, remember God's awe-inspiring love for you and prayerfully consider what you can do to "give it forward" to an individual family, or community in need.



*You can also send an eCard to the recipient of your gift at the time of check out from the Gift Catalog Store.

Printed Cards

Order printed Gift Catalog cards to be mailed to you. This year there is a print card available for each product!


Give It Forward with Your Church or School!

Help your school or congregation remember the true meaning of Christmas with this campaign featuring World Renew’s Gift Catalog items!

  1. Order Gift Catalogs to distribute to your students/members. Perhaps distribute them on US Thanksgiving Day or the beginning of Advent in December. There are also mailbox inserts that you can send home to parents or put into church mailboxes to encourage people to consider giving a gift to someone in need this Christmas. You can order or download the mailbox inserts for your church or school.
  2. Set-up a "Giving Tree" using ornaments and a poster. You can also download and print the ornaments and poster. In churches, you can set up the tree with the ornaments already hung and encourage people to take an item to purchase for a family in need. Decide whether you want your members to mail in their donation or if you will collect an offering. In schools, you could ask students to hang an ornament on the tree after their family or class has decided on an item to donate. 
  3. Use these announcements in your school newsletter or church bulletin to remind people about Give It Forward and the Giving Tree throughout the campaign.
  4. Be sure to also promote the campaign on your church or school's website, Facebook page, and from the pulpit/during assemblies. You can also show and share these videos: 
    - World Renew Gift Catalog
    - Suha Yeta, Malian Refugee in Niger - a moving story filmed in May which sheds light on what the gift of a goat can mean
  5. (for churches) Take an offering for World Renew, including Gift Catalog items, on Christmas Day or the last Sunday in December. Churches and schools can also order these cow figurines for use with a related children's sermon, or use this elementary-age Sunday school/classroom lesson as part of your campaign. Order Christmas bulletin inserts or covers for your Christmas Day offering.